Acoma Pottery

At Kachina House we carry a vast selection of Native American ceramics, etched and painted by talented artists from various tribes.

Pottery from Acoma Pueblo is beautiful and collectible in ceramic as well as hand-built types. The ceramic pot comes from a mold and the potter spends time etching and painting. This type of pottery is less expensive than hand-built or hand-coiled pots where the potter gathers the clay, hand-builds and fires the pot and etches and paints each piece.

Ceramic pottery is created through a process by which clay is poured into a mold, fired in a kiln, then hand painted and hand etched by the potter. This pottery is referred to as slip-poured, slip-cast, or simply ceramic. This method allows the potter to create many more finished pieces; the artistry in this pottery being in the finishing of each piece.

Hand-built pottery is created by the potter, in many cases, digging their own clay and then hand-building the piece using the coil and scrape method. This is done by making coils of clay, then pinching them into the shape of the pot. The coils are stacked one on top of another, then pinched and sanded to make an even pot wall. The pottery is etched and fired, then painted. It is much more labor intensive than the ceramic pottery, which does not include building the clay piece, and is therefore more expensive.

Each design the potter creates has significance to the individual and their Native American culture. Each straight line on Acoma pottery is a prayer for rain.

Kachina House is the largest distributor of Native American arts and crafts in Arizona. At our showroom/warehouse in Sedona, AZ, you will find more products on display than we can post on our website. Our products are high-quality and handcrafted; we pride ourselves on offering unique products and the best customer service. If you have questions, we urge you to call us toll free at 800-304-3290 or drop us an email. We always like to hear from our customers.

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Items 1-24 of 49